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Satisfied Customers

Testimonial From Beatdown Sports

Feather of Confidence did a tremendous job on our advertising campaign. We are completely satisfied with the service. They provided us with top-notch customer service. They are easy to work with, great creative design, fast and detailed oriented to ensure everything was done perfectly.  I highly recommend Feather of Confidence Inc to anyone looking for great advertising.


Markos Gianniotis

Testimonial From Stare Eyewear

"I have always been skeptical of working with Advertising agencies because of all the horror stories that you hear about scams in the news. After dealing with Feather of Confidence, I am incredibly happy to have those skepticisms eased  after working with Michael A. Flie. He reflected in every way the philosophies and values of truth, integrity and quality service that made this campaign ideal and enjoyable."

Andres M. Fumagalli,


Stare Eyewear

Mission Statement

Feather of Confidence Inc was created with the intent to bring about positive change to the business community.  To instill confidence in small, medium and large companies to bring them into the marketplace with creative and effective advertising.