Frequently Asked Questions



Here are some common questions that I have been asked. 

This should clarify any concern you may have. If not, please contact me at or 416-301-6917

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many employees do you have? 

Just myself. I own and operate the company, and until I acquire enough customers and revenue to justify employing more staff, I will continue to work as a one-man operation.

2. What are your qualifications in Advertising and Design?

• Graduate from Seneca College in Advertising with honours.

• Bachelor of Arts from U of T (Major in English and a Minor in History)

• 5 Years of Education  * 15 Years Advertising and Marketing 

* 1.5 Years Sales



• I possess a range of creative skills that include graphic design, creative direction, and copywriting.  Advertising skills include Media buying and planning, research analysis, branding, and media strategy.

3. Can you do what a major Advertising agency can do?

Yes, I can create designs or advertisements for your company. I can place you into any media from magazines to TV.  Advertising space in certain media is subject to availability. 

4. How much time is required to book space in any Advertising medium? 

The more advanced time you can provide me, the better the chances of booking space. Many Advertising agencies book months and sometimes years in advance to secure space for their clients. The more time I have to work with, the more likely I can book and negotiate space for you. When buying Advertising space on radio and television, it is important to buy on frequency (meaning getting the appropriate amount of exposure for your company to get the right results).

5. Are you affiliated with any of the major Advertising agencies? 

No, I am independently operated. 

6. Are you incorporated and what jurisdiction do you have for your operation? 

Feather of Confidence Incorporated is now a Canadian Federal Incorporation. As of November 9, 2018, my company is available to do business with every province and territory. Feather of Confidence Inc currently only has one location and is currently located in the city of Toronto. 

7. What is your tax number that  you use to collect tax from your customers? 

HST/ GST # 850766254 RT0001 

8. When did you start your company?

Originally started as a sole proprietorship on May 15, 2008; Incorporated on August 20, 2009; company shutdown on October 2011 due to unforeseen circumstances. Restarted on August 29, 2018. So, tell your friends. 

9.  Referral fee: To be negotiated. I want to be as fair as possible to everyone who is kind enough to refer a customer to me. That kindness should be rewarded and pending on the value of the first project that the customer initiates will dictate the scale of the compensation. The fee will be agreed upon prior to the customer signing.

10. Do you have an office location where your customers can visit you?

Yes, my office is located at 1504 King Street West, Unit 5, Toronto, Ontario. Business meetings are by appointment only. You can make this arrangement online or by phone. 

11. If you are located in Toronto, are you exclusively doing business in just Toronto? 

Actually, I am happy to do business with any Canadian company or Crown Corporation in the entire country.

12. From a logistics point of view, how far will you travel to meet someone?

I am willing to travel anywhere in Canada to meet with an existing client. If it is for a potential client, it depends on how serious they are in doing business with Feather of Confidence Inc. If I believe that the potential client is very serious or ready to sign with the company, then I will travel anywhere in the country to see them. However, for those who are unsure or just interested in gathering some information, than we can Skype or Facetime. 

13. Why do you have so many movie poster designs on your site?

To be different. I am a big movie-buff, and I thought it would be fun to design movie posters the way I thought they should have been done and then you can compare creatives. Do you see the quality and the value in my creative? If so, I hope we can do business. 

14. Why do you have so many demonstration artwork on your site?

Because it has been a number of years since my company was last active, I wanted to demonstrate my design skills and show what I can do now.  While some people might be impressed with previous artwork, most would be more impressed with something current meet that expectation, I have taken it upon myself to show as much variety as possible, so potential customers like you can decide if they want to use my amazing services and get results! 

15. Why is your site available in so many different languages?

Canada is a major multicultural nation and while many people appear to be fluent in English, they would be more at ease reading in their native language. So,  the site is available in a variety of languages. Hope you find this useful. 

16. How do I know if I will be happy with the creative? 

Every stage of the creative process has a sign- off stage to ensure that you are totally satisfied with the final product. I will not do anything without your expressed permission,  or do anything that you do not believe in.  This ensures that you have the very best quality that is available within your budget. 

17. Do you put any special or hidden meaning in your creative?

A: Yes, i do. If you want more details go to the Print and Digital page and scroll down to the  Rationale and Details section. 

18. Your Twitter account seems very humorous. Are you trying to be a Comedian?

A: No, simply showing how creative I am. I don't just create pretty pictures. I can write with the best of them. #THEWRITESTUFF

19. How do you define Rush orders?

Any project that is required in a minimum of 5 business days.  Also depending on the amount of work required to complete the project while maintaining the same level of quality.  If there is too much to be done within the five day time limit then I will turn down the project or do only a portion of what I can do as though I were permitted my usual 3 business weeks/15 business days.

20. Do your customers have to wait a full 3 business weeks if you complete the project early?

Of course not. You are entitled to have the finished product whenever I have completed it to both my satisfaction and your satisfaction.  Otherwise, I require 15 business days to do a thorough job. 

21. Suppose I need a project faster than 5 business days?

We can negotiate, but based on my experience it is better to give 5 business days to complete the project. Anything faster than that and you risk having substandard quality or lack of creativity. 

I appreciate that some companies need Marketing/Advertising materials in short order but in all my years of experience it amazes me how often mistakes are found and how there is always plenty of time to reprint or to recreate a piece of creative after the fact. Key to success is do it right the first time.  This will save money and embarrassment of having to redo a project all over again. Remain calm and do it right the first time. 

22. If I can not afford the photography for the print/digital advertisement, how will you accomplish this task?  

The photography is priced fairly and the models, if required, are also affordable, but in the rare instance, if you are really in a financial position that you are unable to afford photography for your product or service, I will acquire professional quality images from a supplier such as Alamy or Shutterstock. This is a more affordable option but in most cases will require more photoshopping than a professionally taken photo. Where you gain, you lose. 

23. What is the difference between a quote and a proposal?

A quote involves the advertising medium/design requirement that is requested by the customer based on evaluating their business needs and goals.  Along with an audience profile and overall costs associate with each segment of the quote. The quote also includes creative costs.  A proposal involves more details like return on investment, creative strategy, design ideas, timings, critical path, and project overview.  A proposal happens after the quote has been approved. The reason for the proposal happening after the quote has been approved is to ensure dedication by the client to the campaign. Furthermore, the initial consultation and quote are free, and despite being a super nice guy, I have to eat, too. 

24. Why do you have so many versions of the NASA logo on your site?  

A: I am trying to sell it to NASA in hopes that they will replace their current logo called the Meatball.  

25. What does NASA mean?

 It is an acronym which means: National Aeronautics and Space Administration. In Hebrew it means: Lift Up

26. What is your Federal Incorporation Number and Business Number?


A:  1108877-7 is the Federal Incorporation Number and similar to the Tax number, only it ends with RC 0001. 

27.  Are your posters for sale? A: Not at present. Currently, the creative on my site is purely for demonstration. To provide potential customers with a common frame of reference.  In addition, I would need permission  from the corresponding studios and some sort of seal of approval to verify that this is true.

Or if the Studios themselves wish to purchase the creative and then sell the posters .

28. Do you have permission from the studios to create the images that you have on your site?

      A:  Yes, I do - indirectly. Under copyright law, so as long as I display the creative in  a positive way and so as long as the images used in the creative are directly related to corresponding movie poster, I have every right to use them to showcase my talent. 

29. How can you copyright movie posters if you are not the owner of the movies for which you are displaying as your creative? A: Under Canadian copyright law, whatever creative I have made is mine and whatever creative I post on my website instantly becomes protected under Federal law. I own the creative, I made the creative and whatever has my company name on it is mine. However, that only means that the creative is mine. The images used to make the posters are the property and copyright of each corresponding studio. So, as long as I don't violate any of their copyrights, I am well within my legal right to use the creative to demonstrate my design and writing skills to any potential customer that needs my services. 

30.  Does that mean that Hollywood is okay with your creative?  I would hope I would have their love and support in what I am doing. No one has said anything to me as yet. If they were not happy, it would break my heart. If they did have an issue, I would gladly welcome their feedback to ensure that both Feather of Confidence and Hollywood mutually benefit from my endeavors. 

31. Why do you provide pricing for everything except Advertising Services?

      A: Advertising Services vary client to client. Based on their budget, what is available and the current prices for each medium.  Otherwise if prices were fixed then I  could display them on my home page. 

My agency provides a wide range of Advertising and design services. However, due to the nature of the industry, all prices are subject to change. For example, I could provide a potential customer with a quote today but in a months time that same quote could go up or down, pending on supply and demand.


32. Can you download the images off your site and print them?

       A:  You can download the images to view them off-line if you wish.  However, the format of the images are all wep files, which are unprintable. In addition, the size of the files are all 1200 by 1800 pixels at 300 dots per square inch. This means that if you printed it at the size 24 " by 36 " or even 12" by 18 "  it will pixelate and look like garbage.  If anyone says otherwise, they are misinformed.

33. What  platforms do you use for your creative?

Currently. I am using the latest Adobe Design programs from Creative Cloud 2020. I am housing it on a fairly new Mac computer. As part of my company's mandate, I am continuing to invest in the company to have the latest software an hardware. The upside to having the latest in technology is being able to do things that the older programs and computers cannot do. The downside to having the latest and greatest is the additional fees that I am going to be adding to your bill so I can afford new toys. 

34. Is there any incentive doing business with an agency versus doing it myself?

Yes. Two great reasons: the value of my experience and talent, and preferred rates that I get at times because I am an agency. If you did it on your own you would be paying more and you would be doing all the work instead of me.