Mission Statement and Values

Mission Statement

Feather of Confidence Inc. was created with the intent to bring about positive change to the business community.  To instill confidence in small, medium and large companies to bring them into the marketplace with effective creative and advertising.  

Feather of Confidence Inc believes in upholding itself to the same high standards of unique creativity and quality production as larger Advertisting agencies.  The same standards that are commonly practiced within the industry are as much apart of Feather of Confidence Inc as any major agency. 

Feather of Confidence has and always will hold itself accountable for its ability to provide uncommon quality customer service, memorable and thought-provoking creative and quality production that is equal to any agency within the budgetary parameters of your organization. 



Company Values

1. Quality Service: Feather of Confidence will always provide quality services for creative, production, consulting and customer service. The company will provide the very best services within its experience, and the customer's budgetary parameters. 

2. The 4 E's of Advertising Services Emotion, Enthusiasm, Expedition and Execution.  Feather of Confidence will always be passionate about ensuring that you, the customer gets the best results for your investment. The company will always be enthusiastic about its services to facilitate a positive rapport with the client and to demonstrate the company's positive intentions to deliver the best results possible. Time is everything. The company will expedite its services as quickly and as accurately while adhering to high quality standards and not sacrifice anything by taking unnecessary shortcuts that could potentially lead to unwanted expenses. Finally, execution of any project will be carefully produced from start to finish with a variety of quality controls and procedures to ensure top quality creative and production are meet by both the customer and Feather of Confidence Inc. 

3. Customer satisfaction: It is the intent to always make the customer happy with any service that is being provided and to carefully assess, document and communicate their needs through each stage of the project.  Your results are my results.