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Advertising and Design

Feather of Confidence Inc. is a boutique Advertising and Design agency located in Toronto, Canada. As of November 9, 2018,  Feather of Confidence Inc. is officially a Canadian Federal Incorporation. All branches of the Canadian government and all Canadian companies from coast to coast are free to do business with my company. It is designed to produce quality creative, and advertising campaigns to achieve results. Feather of Confidence Inc. will do any type of advertising such as Print: Newspaper, Magazine, Billboards, or Transit; Digital: Outdoor media, mobile, creative for the web,  social media and TV static ads; Radio: any major station within Canada. The Creative Direction, Design, and Copy will be handled by Feather of Confidence. Any print, radio or television production will be produced by a vendor known to you prior to your sign-off. Websites: designing creative and copy only. The web building itself is in your capable hands. Call today!

Michael Flie, Owner, Founder and operator of Feather of Confidence Inc

Creative Expert

Michael A. Flie, BA, founder and owner of Feather of Confidence Inc., established this boutique Advertising and Design agency with the intention to produce quality results and improved market share for its clients.  Feather of Confidence Inc. is ready to serve all Canadian customers - everything from a Ma and Pa corner store to the most elite blue-chip corporations. Whatever your needs, whatever your budget can afford, rest assured that Feather of Confidence will develop quality creative, design amazing campaigns and illustrate why you should use my services instead of the competition. Your results are my results, which equals mutual success. You are more than just a client, you are part of the team. Call today to book your FREE consultation!


Competitive Pricing

All prices are competitive and specific to your advertising and design needs. Whatever the project, big or small, Feather of Confidence Inc. is the place to start generating results for your company.  Timing is everything, so, sometimes this influences prices. It can either go up or down based on supply and demand from any of the various mediums that you are interested in advertising your product or service. Any last minute requests, or rush jobs are subject to review, and extra fees are applicable if you request a rush order instead of nominal timings.

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Advertising Services


Feather of Confidence can provide Creative Direction, Design, copy,  and Creative strategies. Whatever your creative needs are, I can provide it at an affordable price. Ask about my services today. 



Advertising Services


If you  need design for either print or digital, I can deliver. Feather of Confidence was designed to create ideas and creative to suit your needs. Go with Feather of Confidence and watch your results grow. 


Advertising Services

Advertising Services

Advertising Services

Advertising campaigns, Design, Copywriting, Creative development, Production, Media Buying and Planning, Trade shows, Events, Branding, SE0, Website Creative, and Photography.