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Advertising and Design

Feather of Confidence offers Advertising and Design services in both print and digital. Print design or Advertising include: Outdoor media (billboard, transit, transit shelters), magazines, and newspaper. Digital Advertising or Design include: Outdoor media (transit, transit shelters and Digital billboards) website creative, TV static ads. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many employees do you have? 

Just myself. I own and operate the company by myself and until I acquire enough customers and revenue to justify employing more staff, I will continue to work as a one-man operation.

2. What qualifies you to operate the company on your own?

• I am a graduate from Seneca College in Advertising with honours.

• I have Bachelor of Arts from U of T. 

• 20 years of experience 

• I possess a myriad of creative skills that include designing, creative direction, writing, media buying and planning, analysis and a history of getting results for my clients and employers.

3. Can you do what a major Advertising agency can do?

Yes, I can create designs or advertisements for your company. I can place you into any media from magazines to TV.  However, because I do not have the budget of a major ad agency, I can only get you into certain media if there is space or if the larger agencies either cancel their bookings or if they resell their space to me. In other words, space in certain media is subject to availability. 

4. How much time is required to book space on radio or television? 

The more advanced time you can provide me, the better the chances of booking space. Many Advertising agencies book months and sometimes years in advance to secure space for their clients. The more time I have to work with, the more likely I can book and negotiate space for you. When buying Advertising space on radio and television, it is important to buy on frequency (meaning getting the appropriate amount of exposure for your company to get the right results).

5. Are you affiliated with any of the major Advertising agencies? 

No, i am independently operated. 

6. If you are incorporated, what jurisdiction do you have for your operation? 

Feather of Confidence Incorporated is now a Canadian Federal Incorporation. As of September 21,  2018, my company is open for business in every province and territory. Come one, come all. We're back in business!

7. What is your tax number that  you use to collect tax from your customers? 

Hst/ Gst # 850766254 RT0001 

8. When did you start your company?

Originally started as a sole proprietorship on May 15, 2008; Incorporated on August 20, 2009; company shutdown on October 2011 due to unforeseen circumstances. Restarted on August 29, 2018. So, tell your friends. 

9.  Referral fee: Anyone who refers a new client and it is worth more than $5,000 for the initial project will receive a referral fee of $500.  But if it is something that ends up being worth over a $100,000.00 or over $1 Million, I am a nice guy, we can talk. This kind of revenue referral should be properly rewarded. 

10. Do you have an office location where your customers can visit you?

 No, at present I have an online presence only. However, if you want to book an appointment, you can either do it through the website, or call me at 416.301.6917 and I will meet you at your place of business or anywhere else that is more convenient.

11. If you are located in Toronto, are you exclusively doing business in just Toronto? 

Actually, for now, I am happy to do business with anyone in the province of Ontario. 

12. From a logistics point of view, how far will you travel to meet someone?

 I am willing to travel as far south as London, as far north as Orillia,  far east as Ottawa, and as far west as Owen Sound. Anyone else can either call or meet me half way. 

13. Why do you have so many movie poster designs on your site?

 To be different. I am a big movie-buff, and I thought it would be fun to design movie posters the way I thought they should have been done and then you can compare creatives. Do you see the quality and the value in my creative? If so, I hope we can do business. 

14. Why do you have so many demonstration artwork on your site?

Because it has been a number of years since my company was last active, I wanted to demonstrate my design skills and show what I can do now.  While some people might be impressed with previous artwork, most would be more impressed with something current. So, to meet that expectation, I have taken it upon myself to show as much variety as possible, so potential customers like you can decide if they want to use my amazing services and get results! 

15. Why is your site available in so many different languages?

Toronto is a major multicultural city, and while many people appear to be fluent in English, they would be more at ease reading in their native language. So the site is available in a variety of languages. Hope you find this useful. 

16. Why don't you have your pricing on your site?

Due to the nature of the industry, pending on timing and frequency of the media purchase, prices vary.  Also depending if the job is a rush order or not but most importantly, regardless of anything else, the final price for your particular job will be in writing in the quote. The quote is good for 5 business days and it is a non-obligation quote. If you agree with the pricing you can sign-off and approve it or say no to the quote and move forward from there. Either way, you have total transparency in pricing and no hidden costs or fees.  Trust in Feather of Confidence. 

17. How do I know if I will be happy with the creative? 

Every stage of the creative process has a sign- off stage to ensure that you are totally satisfied with the final product. I will not do anything without your expressed permission,  or do anything that you do not believe in.  This ensures that you have the very best quality that is available within your budget.