Creative Explained: LOGOS

LOGOS: Rationale and Details About My Creative

1. Feather of Confidence Logo: Nickname: New Beginnings, but this incarnation is now referred to as the ON FIRE logo. I am a big Star Trek fan and I like to cling on to things but I decided to do the opposite and abandon my old corporate colors for something more fun. My Phoenix has come to life with the traditional fire colors: yellow, orange and red. The reason for the Phoenix is to represent the rebirth or resurrection of my Advertising Agency. The Phoenix was designed by Feather of Confidence and the font was selected by Feather of Confidence called Abigail Script designed by Roland Huse. May it last 500 years and more. 

2. My Jolly Roger is one of my better logos and examples of complex illustration. I created this for the Pirates of the Caribbean poster for my son. I am a capable illustrator and more than capable of creating complex illustrations. Those will follow when I have more time to focus on illustrations. 

3. TOP GUN: MAVERICK: Recreated and used a brighter colour than in the Movie. More or less the same logo. Slightly different. 

4. Batman Returns Logo (FROSTED).. I recreated the Batman logo and then filtered it in photoshop. and created an ice effect to compliment the season in which the movie takes place. 

5. Superman Logo: Instead of recreating the original version, I did my own version and did a recent update on a poster I created for Christopher Reeve after the untimely passing of Ms. Margot Kidder. 

6. Wonder Woman Logo: Is my own spin on the new version,. It has the same shape but with a similar modern texture and coloring. Looks very similar to the movie logo but with my own spin.

7. Lemon-Aid: This logo was created by my son, his hand drawn version of this was created to sell lemonade for Sick Kids and he called it Lemon-Aid to aid all the kids who are sick. 

8. Italian Stallion: Inspired by Rocky. I created a new version to incorporate the colors black and gold as in the original and the colors of the Italian flag as a symbol of his heritage. 

9. Scottsinfo: One of the first logos I ever created. I did a mock up version and had my mac artist from the old days do up an illustrator version. This was for the corporate website that I was responsible for and the site was up within a month and made its money back within a month. This is a recreation of the original version that I did myself. 

10. NASA: THE RIGHT STUFF AND BOLDLY GO LOGO: After trying to get NASA's attention to redo their existing logo because while I never had a problem with it, they did, because they refer to it as the Meatball. I don't believe the artist did anything intentional to make it look that way but I have my own version of it and I think if it is going to use American colors than the stars should look like stars from the American Flag but not represent literal stars but Planets in our system. Eight large stars for the main planets and five small stars for the mini planets in our system. Thirteen planets in total, just like when the United States first began. The font is the Boldly Go logo: Not only easy to read but lots of thought went into this logo. I created it to be more representative of what NASA is in my mind, a great and noble agency with all the hopes of mankind resting on it. The logo was loosely based on the Worm or as I have nicknamed it, the Spaghetti. Spaghetti goes better with Meatballs. The A's represent the Shuttles, Challenger and Columbia. The shape of both A's is similar to the nosecone of the Shuttle which was a major part of the Space Program for 40 years. The inside part of the first A is similar to that of the emblem of Star Trek. It is a star, a symbol of NASA's journey and ongoing mission to explore Space. 

11. HMV: Their current logo is called the Lights Are On logo, which was designed based on pop culture of the 80's when we were into neon lights. I think it needs to be more relevant. My version is more based on the music side of their business. I have always liked Heavy Metal and they always have the best logos, so I did up my style of a Heavy Metal logo. I kept the pink to represent females, blue for males and the rainbow for everyone. 

12. Adam and  Eve: One of my first clients I ever had when I first opened back in 2008, I was asked to draw up a new logo for them. I have two colors of brown to represent dark and light chocolate and little swirls like you would find on a bonbon

13. Atlas: This was redrawn for Beatdown Sports: As a favor to the owner because Atlas could not access their logo because it was corrupt. i redrew it and used it in the poster. 

14. Klingon Logo: Recreated because I like to cling on to things. Just teasing. It is not most complex image in the world but it is a neat rendering. 

15. Design Angry: Company motto. For some reason when you design angry, you design better. I would rather not be angry all the time because my doctor thinks it is adding to my blood pressure. 

16. Galactica phoenix logo. This logo inspired me to use an abstract phoenix . Each point on the wings represents the 12 colonies. I believe that the head of the Phoenix has meaning - i believe this to represent the 13th colony, Earth. The Phoenix also has a direct reference to the original TV series from the 1970's. This is the resurrection of the show and therefore, the Phoenix has a double meaning. 

17. 007: Creative, Not Mundane. A slightly new version of the current James Bond Logo. 

18. Advertising/Design Logo: I wanted to create my own stylized fonts that look as unique and as creative as possible. The logo incorporates my new corporate colors: red, orange and yellow.

19.STAR TREK: The Classic Movie logo: This is a recreation of the classic movie logo as used in the two Motion Picture posters I designed. 

20. Chinese symbol of Strength: As used in my Megan Fox poster. It is not as accurate as it would be if drawn by someone from the Asian community, and as I understand that is of great importance to them but I did try my best to be as close as possible to the image. 

21. RAIDERS: Similar design and colour gradient. 

22. Jedi Knights and Masters: The logo has a modified version of the Rebel Alliance logo embedded as the letter E in Jedi. In this new concept for the Jedi logo, I have made it glow like the light saber because of the connection with  Jedi Knights using light sabers and what it means in Hebrew: Beloved By God.  

23. Jedi Symbol: Recreated by  Feather of Confidence 2019. The symbol is a blend of the light saber and the Phoenix.  This symbol represents the rebirth of the Jedi Order but the rebirth of balance to the Force.

24. Battlestar Galatica Title: This is not the exact version. This is my re-imagination of the title logo. It still bares a strong resemblance to the original logo while using a new look to make it unique.  The texture is still steel and a thin red line throughout the logo


Creative Explained: POSTERS

POSTERS: Rationale and Details

  • Stare Eyewear: This is a recreation of a pitched creative for a billboard opportunity near the location of the store. The Photos were taken by Michael Kors. Lots of bad puns in this creative but it is eye catching. it has call to action, it has benefits, and it has slogan. 

  • Adam and Eve Chocolatier: Valentines Day: Full Page with bleed to be advertised in Toronto Life. This is another version that the client was pitched but went with a smaller version. This has call to action, benefit and timing. 

  • Beatdown Sports Series: As advertised back in 2009. This is an updated version on the original creative. This was inspired by Heart of Darkness and represents the heart of the company and the heart of each sport that it represented. 

  • Marines: Recruitment Poster: Demonstration: Inspired by Gene Hackman, one of my favorite heavy actors. The poster has the Marines in their dress uniform and a little lens flare on the sword to represent nobility. In the background, the monument to all the US MARINES who fought and sacrificed their lives at Iwo Jima with the American Flag proudly displayed in the background. 

  • Bluenose 2: This is an homage to my birth province, Nova Scotia and the Bluenose 2 is a  strong Canadian symbol. I decide to display the Canadian flag on the sails to illustrate how asweome it would look instead of plain white sails. I added a lens flare to the wave to exaggerate the speed of the ship. Warp speed!

  • Canadian Navy: I proudly served in the Canadian Forces as a Naval officer and I thought I would do  demonstration poster for the Canadian Forces. 

  • NASA: One of the first posters I created when I was rebuilding my portfolio. This is mostly monochromatic. I can work in color, mono, 2D, 3D real D, no D, any D. LOL. Been a fan of NASA for years. Just ask my family, they will tell you, my head is full of space. LOL. 

  • The BEFORE AND AFTER: This is a symbolic representation of my advertsing agency. The BEFORE as it was when I first had it, old in its ways and not very dynamic. The AFTER is how it is now, full of life and super dynamic. This car is a 1954 Ford Crestline, which is near where I work, and it is a great design challenge. Took over 100 hours to put this together. 

  • SUPERMAN: Similar to my original version but with a new twist. now it show an over exaggerated speed of Superman. The Superman emblem is white because just like his father, the symbol is white on a black background to represent justice. The steel gradient represents his nickname: Man of Steel and a metaphor of his morals and super human strength.  Superman is in color because he represents hope and inspiration. 

  • Batman Returns: One of my favorite scenes, the masquerade dance. Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne and Michelle Pfeiffer as Selina Kyle. In this scene they discover their true identities and don't know whether to keep dancing or start fighting. I love this struggle between identifies. I see it as a larger metaphor to represent how mankind really feels about each other. If we didn't know certain facts about a person, would that change your view or would you still love them just the same?  This poster is about lighting, color balance and logo design. The ice frost logo creates transparancy,  a metaphor for not wearing masks - both literal and figurative. The ice covered Batman and Catwoman is representation of their struggle to balance both their love and hate for  each other as though it is frozen in time.  The soft light snow is to add a romantic feel  as they dance on the balcony overlooking Gotham.  The batmobile is their because it is awesome! Imageof Batmanmobile courtesy of Alex I

  • HMV: P.O.P. (Point of Purchase) or POP for all you music fans. I modified the Nickelback and Fefe Dobson one slightly by using Laser Lights rather than some nonsensical image which has nothing to do with Music. It looks pretty but why not have both. Laser lights have been known to be used at Music concerts. All the HMV posters are for HMV Canada, if and when it ever returns. Therefore all the artists are Canadian.  Totally redid the Lord of the Rings poster. I was very happy having Evangeline Lilly in the poster as Captain Tauriel, but I wanted something more dynamic. The title is in a font similar to the movie, her name is in Elvish, and some bad puns in the description. DEADPOOL: Sometimes the image makes the creative. Ryan Reynolds likes to showoff like Burt Reynolds. I thought being a fellow Canadian, I would assist him in his efforts. So, I am creating more attention to the fact that he is grabbing his bum. According to his family, it is his greatest ASSet. I drew some arrows and put a spotlight on his ass.  Wrote some killer copy  to make it sound just like Ryan. 

  • STAR WARS: JEDI KNIGHTS AND MASTERS: I was inspired by the new and upcoming movie, but by a different title. At the time of the original creatiion, I wasn't sure what the title would be, so I came up with this idea of haivng Masters Yoda, Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi in the background and Daisy Riddley kicking butt. I wanted to show the FORCE, but I was thinking how to do it visually. I used the light speed effect and deflected it off the lightsaber. A jedi controls the force and controls all elements of it. Why not light speed? 

  • ROGUE ONE is my favorite inbetweenquel. (I coined that phrase by the way). An inbetweenquel is a movie that takes place between a prequel and a sequel. Therefore, it is a inbetweenquel. I did the Rogue One in monotone as a symbolic representation of it being in the past, and that they are all spirits now. I took the most powerful scene in the movie and built around it. 

  • Battlestar Galactica: Resurrection: Just like their symbol of the Phoenix in Galactica, they have been reborn. This takes place 150,000 years after they found Earth, and takes place now. The ship is the Ship of Lights that was a main feature in the orignal Galactica, I thought maybe it would be fun to put it in this version of Galactica. The crew are brought back to life. Question, how and why were they brought back to life? I thought it would be a great idea for a new TV Series or Mini-Series. 

  • 2010: In the 2001 and 2010 posters, the artists use the unborn child as a metaphor for transformation. A change in knowledge and a change in mankinds understanding of themselves and their place in the universe. The monolith is like a proverbial baby monitor. The aliens that left it behind to monitor mankind and as mankind grows it is like a parent encouraging their baby to walk. Come out to space, not so bad out here. My poster is a dedication to one of my favorite actors, Roy Scheider. In my poster, I wanted something to use his picture but make it seem like he is part of space background. The Hal 9000 and the Monolith share the same shape and becomes a symbol of knowledge. The USS Discovery, I used as a photoshop challenge, it was originally white and I changed it to look like the 2010 version. 

  • JAWS: Love Jaws! The original creative is epic and still holds well by today's standards.  I did a photoshop version, which is similar to the oringal creative. The copy supports the  element of horror in the picture. There is no symbolism or metaphor in this creative, except don't swim in the water with a fish that has over 300 teeth and licks its chops every time it sees a person in teh water.  I don't blame the shark for wanting to eat her, she's beautiful, I would want to eat her too. **DISCLAIMER** No humans or sharks were harmed in the prodcution of this creative.

  • Blue Thunder: Love the idea behind this movie. I would do it completely different if I had a chance to write a new version of this. I did a lot of photoshop work to make the helicopter look like it is a night picture from a day picture. The font looks like it belongs and ties in with lightning. 

  • Predator: Pain in the butt. I have done so many versions I hate this one! Just teasing. Love Schwarzenegger. In the original poster, it had him holding a rifle and in termal display. Whereas in my version, he is holding a torch, covered in mud, and screaming at the top of his lungs. Letting the Predator know he is coming for him. The title and Schwarzeneggers name are glowing in red. The Predator is only partial visiable to represent his chameleon like qualities. The Predator has his target laser on Schwarzenegger which guides your eyes down to the title. The copy gives you a quick and inspiring insight to the movie. 

  • Alien: Just like the original movie poster, I decided to use an egg, but unlike the original, I use one from the movie whereas theirs was an ostrich egg. Looked awesome, and it was great in its day and still is, but when you see the movie, the egg is more alien. I wanted it to glow like it does in the movie. The nebula serves two purposes: One, it conveys it is taking place in space and two, it is visual representation of the mist that hangs over the eggs like a security grid. The alien is only partial visible and so is Sigourney. The egg also represents pandoras box. Something that mankind was not meant to open. As it escalates, it becomes more horrifying. From facehugger, to chest-burster, to the biggest and ugliest looking thing in the universe. The slogan used for the movie poster:" Exploring Space Is Scary.  Face Your Fears. "  I wanted the copy to match the creative.

  • IRON MAN: Huge fan of the Iron Man and Avenger series. Way better than the old comics. The characters are more 3 Dimensional than they were in the comics. My poster has the same iron man logo, but with different coloring. Electric bolts shooting out of his chest to symbolize the power of Iron Man. The images of Pepper and Tony are two entirely different images but photoshopped to look similar. My copy, just awesome. 

  • FAST and FURIOUS: Dwayne Johnson surrounded by flames - smoldering. A simple but solid pretty picture. 

  • SHAFT: Love the orignal and this new version. Wanted to capture the modern day New York in the background but have the copy tie-in directly with the movie. The leather jacket has blue and red to represent police lights and let you know he is the good guy. The scarf, I made purple because it is Samuel L. Jackson's favorite color. 

  • Beverly  Hills Cop 2: Eddie in previous posters is in his Detroit Lion's jacket and jeans. But I like the suit!  Just like to be different.  The sky is pink and purple because it made for a nicer sunset than orange. Didn't make Eddie look good. Plus, after living in a predominately African-American neighbourhood, they love their colors, much like being in the Bahamas. 

  • The Hunt For Red October: My pride and Joy. One of my best works. Created the logo to have a modern look to it but to remain true to the oringinal movie. The star is a symbol of nationalities and common ground between the United States and the Soviet Union. Red for the Soviets and White for the United States. The lighting behind Alec Baldwin and Sir Sean Connery serve to reinforce that they are on opposite sides but are both good people. The copy is in a green font to emulate the computer type from that era. The copy is dramatic and gives a very quick but detailed  overview of the story.  This artwork is an example of abstract realsim. Their uniforms are both black and fade into the water and the water blends into their uniforms. The Red October has never  been properly featured in any studio or fan art and I thought that seeing that the movie is all about this specific submarine, it should be in the artwork

  • LeAnn Rimes: Is a great Southern Singer. She is considered by professionals to be very similar to Patsy Cline. In this poster, I featured Patsy Cline in a old faded photograph, in a wooden frame which LeAnn is looking at. The Wood cabin has a traditional symbolic representation of country western music. The guitar is another iconic symbol. The Rose in her hand represents the song by the same name which has a special meaning for her. The Coyote Ugly sign is one of her first big breaks as a singer. Her song, "Can't Fight The Moonlight" is featured in this movie. 

  • Weird Al/Cool Al: This is Opposite World. This is a made up album, but I have always been a fan since the 80's. I thought it would be fun to make him ultra cool cause in opposite world, everything is opposite. The title is flipped upside down and backwards, the planet is upside down. He is wearing shades, instead of nerdy glasses. The shades have the star of david ghosted into the lens. The songs featured on the album: He Stole  My CD's, Don't Lick Me LIke A Dog, and of course, Opposite World. 

  • MAD MAX: In all the previous movie versions, there have been no nuclear bombs in the creative. Crazy!  I wanted it to be modern looking but utilizing all the images from the original movie. The reason why I love Mad Max because the character is a cop but could have been easily a butcher, a naval  officer or a politican. What makes Mad Max interesting is him being a cop still trying to dispense justice in a world without order.  Makes being a cop in our world seem easy by comparison.  No worries. 

  • Star Trek: Father Figures: Love this one! So much fun putting it together. Originally created to help facilitate a amicable solution for Paramount to move forward with the movie. It seems that they were not going to move forward with the current cast. I developed this idea from the previous ideas that were being pitched. I thought it would make for a great movie. The poster has Bruce Greenwood as Admiral Pike, and Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk. Their images are to convey that their fate is still in transition. The characters all appear with shadows on their faces because it represents the unknown of their future. Captain Kirk, he is in a transporter beam set against the Starfleet emblem to symbolize his choice will either save the entire universe and his fathers or lose everything. 

  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture: This is affectionately called the Ilia postrer in honor of the late Persis Khambatta. I wanted to do a teaser poster that would have inspired more fans to go see it when it originally came out but would have aggravated a lot of fans too because the poster is way  more interesting than the movie. 

  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture: The Boys Are Back In Space. This is a fun poster, the copy is a spin off the song, The Boys Are Back In Town. Nothing of deep meaning in this poster. Just fun. 

  • Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan: Mutara Battle. This is one of the best sci-fi space battles of all time. The copy is very specific in its meaning: Seed is a direct reference to the TV  episode Space Seed which is the inspiration for this movie. Khan has been in exile for 15 years and wants revenge. The reason for using the word strong was to convey that his people are super humans and his swelling hatred of Kirk is equally  strong. Kahn is wearing his Ceti-Alpha 5 clothes which help blend into the mutara nebula. Kirk and Spock from the reactor room scene, just before Spock dies. Scotty holding his nephew after Khan's attack. Love these dramatic scenes. Enjoy.

  • Star Trek 3: Search For Spock:  The gas clouds recreate Spocks face. the Enterprise is blowing up as the Klingon Bird of Prey is attacking it. This poster is about transformation. The rebirth of Spock and the destruction of Genesis and the Enterprise.  The cloud formations create Spocks face using the uniform colors: Red, Blue and Yellow. Plus, the color Green because that is the same color as his loood. 

  • The Art and Symbolism of Megan Fox: I have always admired the artwork of the tattoos on Megan Fox and I am a big fan. After meeting her a couple of times, I have a better understanding of the meaning behind her tattoos. The Chinese symbol of Strength is dominate because I think this has the most relevant signifance to her personality. Within that symbol are the other tattoos which also demonstate strength. Megan face, is blended into the background because it looks awesome. The ying and yang symbol is superimposed over her face as  an allusion of disguise because while the ying and yang represent duality, it also has a meaning of harmony. Marilyn Monroe, while no longer on her body, is a part of her forever, because Megan did see her as a strong woman much like herself.  The moon and star  are symbols of feminity. The Guilded Butterfly is a quote from Shakespeare and a message about not allowing yourself to be shallow or petty. 

  • Megan Fox: Sketch and Paint: My photoshop renderings of Megan Fox in a collage to illustrate diefferent styles of renderings and how beautiful she looks in each one. 

  • Space Battleship Yamato: More commonly known in North America as the Argo from Starblazers. Great Japanese anime. Use to watch it on WUTV  from Buffalo when I would visit my grandmother in Fort Erie. This creative is a demonstration of texture and lighting. I took an image of plastic model, I added a metal texture and changed the lighting of the photo, created my own space background, made the planet look green like in the anime series for Gamelon Emprie, created a red sun, and added a blue and red nebula. I wanted the image to have some action to it, so I made it look like it was coming out of warp and is now ready to fire its wave motion gun. 

  • FireFox: This one took forever. The color scheme in the clouds is the same as the title, it is yellow, orange and red. Fire colors to showcase balance between all elements of the creative. The two mig's were recreated through various photoshop techniques to bring them up to an acceptable visual level. 

  • Dirty Harry: One of my all time favorite cop movies. This was a creative challenge. Use only one photo that is not a full picture and make it look good. This is also another example of abstract realism. The police lights look great but not too literal. I then did a lighting technique on  either side of him to show the illumination from the police lights. The blue light reflects mostly on the 44 Magnum  and makes it look like blue steel. The red lighting effect creates a neat shadowing effect on his face. I then place a yellow bar  across his body to provide a visual break and cover up the picture crop. I made the yellow bar look like police tape with the words  Do Not Cross as a double  meaning. Do Not Cross as what you would expect to see on police tape and as a warning not to mess with Detective Harry Callahan.

  • RAMBO: Big Stallone fan.  The image is rendered in photoshop to appear like drawing/painting. I wanted to do something unnatural to illustrate the unique qualities of Rambo. The character is not about technology, he is about the fundamental elements of survival. Back to basics in one simple way. Just like in the movie, he does not rely on computers, or heavy weaponry, but he does rely on his mind, his skill, his survival training, his knife and his bow and arrow. Rather than make it look like a hi res photo, I wanted it to be more like a painting/drawing but subtle. I didn't want exaggerated paint daubs or excessive lines, something simple. The copy is to convey the characters ability to fight. 

  • ROCKY: Still a Stallone fan. In this poster there is a lot of symbolism. The halo effect behind him is to show how religious his character is in the movie. The Rocky title is in the shape of the American flag because the character is very patriotic. The quote is from the movie because that is how he became a heavy weight champion The image of Rocky is a symbol of success and hope for everyone who wants to be more in this world. 

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark: The original movie release artwork is one of the best I have ever seen and I am still trying to figure out a way to match it. For now, this is still a work in progress.

  • Wonder Woman: Too much symbolism in this but she deserves it! First, the moon, this is a feminie symbol to prove that even though she is super tough and smart that she is all woman. Within the moon, is the Greek symbol of strength, at first glance you can't really see but take a closer look. The bracelets are glowing to represent her power. Her tiara has a flare to symbolize her intelligence. The bracelets also have the symbol of harmony to connect her power with her purpose to restore and bring balance to the world. 

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: This looks like a Disney poster. Bright colors and cartoon-like. The moonlight, like in the movie, shines on the pirates they transform into skeletons.  The Black Pearl, looks more tattered than in this rendering but I wanted to put in a Jolly Roger.

  • Klingon Guile:  My contribution to the Klingon homeworld.  As mentioned before I have a tendency to cling on to certain things like Star Trek. I wanted to depict the Klingon mining moon from Star Trek 6 just prior to its explosion. The Klingon symbol is in a rock texture. As I mentioned previously, i love to work with various textures.   It creates a sense of strength  and security, while at odds with the chaos that is erupting around them. I have added various lighting effects to showcase some of my talent. Yes, that is Klingon text which spells Guile in the Klingon language. Enjoy.

  • STAR TREK : The Pretty Picture: The absence of everything. No color. No copy. No way in hell it is this strong without being creative. Not on my watch.