The Creation of the Company

Feather of Confidence, Feather for Dumbo.

Back in April 2008, while watching Dumbo with my son, I was inspired by the scene when the mouse gives Dumbo a feather to give him the confidence to fly.  That is what I now refer to as the Feather of Confidence. So, just like in the movie, I give customers a proverbial Feather of Confidence to give them courage to advertise and be successful.

Meeting the Customers


When I meet someone for the first time, it is important to learn as much about them as it is to learn about their product or service because the more information I can gather, the better I can evaluate their needs, and bring them to market with the most effective advertising campaigns based on their budget. Prior to doing the quote and presentation, I do my homework, and recon your establishment, your industry and assess your needs and goals based on the FREE consultation and determine based on your budget, what kind of quote to provide. This is why the first consultation is FREE.

Closing the deal


The importance of providing a detailed quote and supporting details is to avoid  any potential misunderstandings or confusion. The presentation to each potential customer is to enlighten them to the strategy behind the selection of each advertising medium and how the cost of each element of the proposed campaign fits within their budget and target audience. 

After a face-to-face presentation has been made to the customer and they are satisfied with the ideas and direction of the campaign,  I ask the customer to provide a sign-off on the quote and a 100% deposit fee to secure all advertising spaces and creative. 

Once my company and vendors have done enough repeat business with the client and the client makes Feather of Confidence their Agency of Record, then a 50% deposit fee is acceptable to secure the deal, and the other 50% at the commencement of the campaign.

A critical path is provided to ensure timings of the project are met based on the requirements of the client and a project overview is provided to avoid any confusion about what should be completed in the campaign. A project overview details exactly what you have requested and establish that nothing is forgotten or added without your knowledge. This protects your project and provides details that it is done accurately and to your needs. At the end of the project, when all services have been rendered, the balance of the fees are due.